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The Riverside County VOAD supports the coordination of planning efforts by voluntary organizations responding to disaster. Member organizations provide more effective and less duplicative service by getting together before disasters strike. Once disasters occur, Riverside County VOAD encourages members and other voluntary agencies to convene on site. This cooperative effort has proven to be the most effective way for a wide variety of volunteers and organizations to work together in a crisis.


Members include representatives of organizations that are members of National VOAD; other local, regional, and state voluntary organizations; local government agencies; and other interagency disaster collaborative groups. An organization will be defined as one Member irrespective of multiple agency representation within Riverside County. The membership of Riverside County VOAD is comprised of two tiers of membership as set forth in the following paragraphs:

Check the Membership Criteria page to identify your agency's level of membership.

Membership Application Procedures
    1. Organizations requesting membership will apply by letter and application to the Membership Committee, care of the Secretary (see Executive Committee roster) describing their intended commitment to the Riverside County VOAD. Candidate organizations are encouraged to attend Riverside County VOAD meetings during the pendency of their application.
    2. The Riverside County VOAD Membership Committee will determine category eligibility of the candidate organization using the Riverside County VOAD bylaws and present the application for discussion at the next business meeting.
    3. The Riverside County VOAD Members will vote after the application is presented and discussed to extend or deny an offer of membership to the candidate organization.

Ready to join YOUR local Riverside County VOAD?

Riverside County VOAD Application
Just fill out the above application and submit it to the Executive Committee along with a letter of intent describing your agencies commitment to RCVOAD.

Riverside County VOAD Statement of Understanding (SOU)
Please look over the SOU between your agency and the RCVOAD prior to submitting your application.