Riverside County VOAD enters into formal partnerships with companies, foundations, agencies, institutions and other entities that benefit from RCVOAD activities and programs, for the purpose of enhancing the VOAD mission of encouraging collaboration among the various sectors of our society in response to disasters. As with all members, only organizations with disaster related missions or interests qualify for Partner status. Partners of RCVOAD are prohibited from using the relationship for commercial purposes.

As with the process for approving new members, it is the responsibility of the RCVOAD Membership Committee to review and recommend for approval any new partnerships. The process starts with a formal expression of intent, which can be initiated by the prospective organization or by the Executive Committee of the RCVOAD. Basis for approval involves an assessment of the organization’s objectives and commitment to the disaster mission, as well as the expected benefits that would accrue to the VOAD movement. Additionally, the public perception and reputation of such organizations, depth and consistency of disaster related activities or interests, and other factors will be considered.

The Membership Committee’s recommendation to the Executive Committee for establishment of a formal partnership will include a summary of the committee’s findings along with a recommended draft memo of understanding.

Types of Partnerships

Government – Federal, State, Cities, and Tribal governments who have an interest in domestic disaster preparedness and response. Prior to approval being granted by the Executive Committee, however, they must demonstrate an active commitment to the VOAD in their respective jurisdictions.

Corporations – Corporations who have an interest in or have demonstrated a commitment to the work of disaster preparedness and response.

Foundations – Charitable organizations with the legal status, financial capacity, and demonstrated mission to provide financial support to the work of disaster response and recovery.

Other Non-Profit Organizations – Organizations that do not meet the criteria for RCVOAD membership, but demonstrate an active interest in disaster response and recovery.

Academic Institutions – Educational or research institutions such as UCR, California Baptist University etc. with specific programs and interests connected to the work of disaster preparedness and response

Associations – Other groups associated in some way with the work of disaster preparedness and response such as the Business Roundtable, BENS and others.

Benefits of Partnership

Riverside County VOAD Partners enjoy full access to the programs and membership activities of RC VOAD. This includes participation on committees, attendance at conferences, access to training events and materials, and inclusion in pertinent planning discussions with government agencies when appropriate. Within these venues Partners can have the opportunity to impact the development of policies, standards and program related procedures connected with disaster response and recovery. Attendance at conferences provides Partners with full access to the RCVOAD general membership.

Partner organizations are not permitted to hold governance positions, although at times certain partners may be considered as advisory or ex officio at the Executive Committee’s discretion.

Dues Structure

Partners – Membership dues as required by the ByLaws for all entities, although in-kind contributions and support related to their program area is expected, and will be negotiated as part of their MOU

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